The advantage our customers have is that we provide complete turnkey Plants. Our higly qualified staff installs Plants worldwide. All our Plants are custom-made depending on customers’ needs.

We have been working for over 50 years in the precast field. Our wide experience and highly qualified technical staff guarantee the highest quality of service for our customers.

All our products and materials are first choice and selected according to high quality ensuring our customers the best performance. For the production of are Machines and Equipments we only use materials and components made in Italy.

We have a very well stocked spare-parts warehouse guaranteeing technical assistance and
Prompt delivery to meet our customers requirements.
Spare-parts for batching Plants , spare-parts for planetary mixers, double axle mixers, spare-parts for pipe making machines, spare-parts for fixed or self-propelled block making machines, spare-parts for vibrating tables, spare-parts for cement filters, spare-parts for scraping arms, spare-parts for clamps, rubber pads for clamps.


Ricambi per mescolatori planetari e mescolatori doppio asse: pale per mescolatori, bracci per mescolatori, settori di fondo per mescolatore, settori laterali per mescolatore, finecorsa per mescolatori...

SPARE-PSRTS FOR BLOCK MAKING MACHINES ; gear-motors, motors, vibrators, wheel for feeding drawer, feeding drawers, crowns and pinions.

SPARE-PARTS FOR PIPE MAKING MACHINES : pressers, circular moulds, upper rings, lower rings, base rings.

  • 1 July 2018

We have all spare-parts and accessories for Pipe making machines, Block making machines, planetary and double-axis mixers, clamps, moulds, vibrat...

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  • 1 June 2018

Moulds for the production of concrete elements made of wear resistant steel. ...

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  • 18 February 2018

We produce automatic/semiautomatic, self-propelled/fixed block making machines, for production of concrete elements from h=60 to h=300...

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We produce TURNKEY PLANTS equipped with concrete Batching Plant, planetaty Mixer,cement Batcher, screw conveyors, Block making machines for production of  cement blocks, paving stones and curbs; Moulds, clamps and Grabs for lifting concrete elements.

We are also specialized in the production of moulds to be applied to DRAWING MACHINES, moulds to be applied to Block making machines, moulds to be applied to Pipe making machines. In any way we are able to make all kind of mould for the production of any concrete elements also on customer’s design.

– technical advice before and after sale

– high qualified and very experienced technicians able to assemble every kind of batching plant both in Italy and abroad.

– technical support and personnel training during testing phase of batching plant

– supply of spare-parts for any kind of batching plant thanks to our wide and well-stocked warehouse.